Imagine skiing down a mountain at 100 km/h. Now imagine skiing down a mountain at 100 km/h, but you can barely see where you're going.
Meet Menna, a visually impaired Para alpine skier that only has 3% vision. Every visually impaired skier competes with help from a
sighted guide. A Bluetooth headset allows Menna and her guide Jen to communicate on the slope. Communication is everything
in visually impaired skiing. The smallest mishap can mean the difference between medaling up and wiping out.

This was a part of the Start Your Impossible campaign which won a Gold Cannes Lion. 
The @SeeLikeMenna project won a Silver, two Bronze Lions and three Shortlists.

This video received 6 million views on Facebook. 

This incredible Instagram account shows what life is like
as a visually impaired Paralympic skier.
— AdWeek

The Instagram

The videos and images you see were shot on a POV camera mounted
on Menna's helmet. We used information she gave us about her training routine to craft a series of posts that would give viewers the chance to
see her everyday life as she pursues Paralympic Gold. 

She made sure everything was very much true to her as person and an athlete. 

It’s a thrilling, almost
heart-stopping experience for
the viewer and a unique
window into the life of
Paralympic athletes.
— AdWeek

The Filter

To convey Menna’s perception of the world as accurately as possible, a visual impairment filter was created in conjunction with Menna and Jen, with input from the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London and a team of ophthalmic consultants. 



The 36o experience

One thing that we found the most interesting about our learnings on this project was that of the blind community, only 5% have no light perception, meaning the other 95% see something. We wanted to show viewers what current Paralympic athletes competing in these events experience. So, we found a skier from all three VI categories (B1, B2, AND B3) and created an immersive experience that follows them down the same run. 


And the press loved it

The campaign received media coverage on four continents and received over 1 billion media impressions.

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