Do you have what it takes to
Train like a Paralympian? 

The idea

No one embodies the idea of Toyota's Paralympic campaign, Start Your Impossible, quite like Paralympic athletes. Yet there's a huge disparity in the respect, coverage and brand endorsement between Olympians and Paralympians.

In just about every interview of a Paralympic athlete, they're asked about their disability.  We wanted to change the narrative:  that Paralympians are not amazing athletes despite their disabilities, but simply amazing athletes.  

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Every year, people make New Years resolutions to get in shape. Who better to learn from than elite athletes with medals and world records? We decided to hack people's natural behaviors to meet them where they are, and change their perception of what an elite athlete really looks like.  The Impossible Athlete Series features five extraordinary para-athletes, each with a different inspiring message. We created 10 exercise films that capture the essence of what makes Paralympians so remarkable. 



Click on an athlete's image to see all their videos or watch their Hero Films below.