Gun Violence Insurance

We were approached by Mayor Garcetti and his Youth Council to End Gun Violence to create a campaign that raised awareness and provoked action to end gun violence in Los Angeles. After interviewing high school students from around LA, we realized people have become a bit apathetic to gun violence. We needed to shock Angelenos and give them the wake-up call they needed to inspire action.

For the first part of our campaign, we painted the picture a not-so-distant dystopian future of what the world could look like if we don’t take action: a world where gun violence insurance is the new normal. Complete with large, provocative headlines advertising our various “policies,” each ad lead viewers to a phone number and website to learn more about the insurance.  

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Our posters and social ads drove viewers to call our hotline: 833-GUNSURE. There, callers were able to get a deeper understanding of our campaign and further drive home the point: that while the insurance isn’t real, the issue of gun violence certainly is. Callers were asked at the end of the recording to leave a message with personal stories of how gun violence has effected them. The messages left were heartbreaking. The issue of gun violence affects so many people, and in such varied ways. We wanted people to hear others’ experiences and hopefully be inspired to take action themselves.




Part Two

Once people landed on our website they were introduced to the second part of our campaign. An uplifting and vibrant turn from the dismal insurance stunt, Actions Speak Louder Than Guns is a rallying cry for all Americans to take small steps to make a big difference. Whether it be just signing a petition, or downloading the toolkit of assets they could use to engage their communities, we wanted to make sure that people knew no matter how small or large an action may be, it can make a big impact. The new message and art direction took over both social and out-of-home executions.

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